We specialise in offering tailored online coaching services, resources and training that develops exceptional project managers.

Not keeping up to date with technology? Are you underperforming? Can’t sleep due to stress? Looking to develop your leadership and communication skills?

Fix My Project Chaos assists project managers evolve into confident leaders through tailored online coaching services such as training, coaching and mentoring programs.

We provide tailored online coaching services that improve an individual’s skills and knowledge in the areas of project and program management. All schedules are tailored to the individual’s requirements to ensure that the required outcomes are achieved.

Elise Stevens, the founder of Fix My Project Chaos, brings a wealth of knowledge to each engagement in the following service areas:

Tailored Online Coaching Services

Project management podcasts, blogs & resources

Our experience and knowledge equips individuals

Our experience and knowledge equips individuals with the project management skills required to evolve their leadership style, allowing managers to focus on team engagement and inspiring stakeholders.

We’re here to help you plan and manage projects in the most efficient and successful way possible.

We understand project management is a challenge and have fine-tuned a set of clever steps and methodologies that can help project managers succeed and more forward with an increased productivity within the 21st century workplace.

You can read more about founder Elise Stevens on this page. You may also wish to check out our blog which gives you a range of expert advice and insights on project management.

Interested in finding out how we can assist to develop your project management skills? Contact us today via this link and let us have a chat about getting your project back on track.

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