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10 Skills That Employers Want From Project Managers

While developing our skills and learning new things is important for our self-improvement, one of our keys areas of focus is to ensure that our skills also match what employers want. We must find a way to stand out in a crowded market of applicants to ensure that we are considered for project management roles.

Our founder, Elise Stevens, reviewed 500 project management job advertisements across the globe, in order to find out what skills employers are seeking from their Project Managers.

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Learn to say goodbye to everyday chaos from stress, declutter your mind and master how to resolve conflict in your relationships.

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Have you landed yourself a project management role within your career (perhaps by accident)? Get informed, organised and clear to deliver on daily tasks and challenges. Empower yourself and add additional value to your business or profession.

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Does your team need to further develop their leadership skills? Would they benefit from relevant bursts of information that will permit them to work more efficiently on their own, and in a team environment?

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Vast Experience & Knowledge = Powerful Resources

Our experience and knowledge equips individuals with the project management skills required to evolve their leadership style, allowing managers to focus on team engagement and inspiring stakeholders. We’re here to help you plan and manage projects in the most efficient and successful way possible. We understand project management is a challenge and have fine-tuned a set of clever steps and methodologies that can help project managers succeed and more forward with an increased productivity within the 21st century workplace.

You can read more about founder Elise Stevens on this page. You may also wish to check out our blog which gives you a range of expert advice and insights on project management. Interested in finding out how we can assist to develop your project management skills? Contact us today via this link and let us have a chat about getting your project back on track.