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Podcast 115 – Why attending non-project management events is important

Project managers should attend ALL kinds of networking events In this podcast, Terri speaks to Elise Stevens about why project managers should attend all kinds of networking events – not just ones about project management. When Terri Cooper first started business networking she could barely summon the courage to walk into the room. Now, she […]

Podcast 114 – Growing Your Internal Relationships

The importance of networking every day In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with business networking guru Michael J Hughes about the importance of networking everyday, and how to do this. Do you think about networking only when you’re at a scheduled event – or do you incorporate it into your every day encounters with people? Michael […]

Podcast 113 – How PMOs can become more agile

Let’s talk about how PMOs can become more agile In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks to Syed Ali – a project manager with more than ten years experience – about how PMOs can become more agile. The word agile gets thrown around a lot in project management. But what does it truly mean to be […]

Podcast 112 – How To Rescue A Troubled Project

Let’s talk about how to rescue a troubled project In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks to Michel Dion about how to rescue a troubled project. How do you know if a troubled project can be rescued or if it really should be shut down? Michel Dion has expertise in project and portfolio management. He is […]

Podcast 111 – Benefits of attending networking events

Let’s talk about the benefits of attending networking events In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with Sarah Cobb from BforB network marketing about the benefits of attending networking events and building relationships. Sarah is the current Australian franchisor for BforB and the managing director of Cariblue Franchising, working with businesses that want to grow. She […]

Podcast 110 – Agile PMOs

Let’s talk about Agile PMOs Learn about Agile PMOs in this podcast with Melanie Franklin. Melanie is an expert from Agile Change Management who helps organisations transform to become more agile. In this podcast, she speaks to Elise Stevens about how PMOs can make an organisation more agile. With more than 20 years of experience, […]

Effective Leadership Skills. Are You Truly A Great Project Leader?

Lately on the blog I’ve been exploring the ten skills that employers want from project managers. Effective leadership is one of the key skill that employers expect from project managers. While managing the project (costs, risks, issues, scope etc.) is important, leading the team (including the extended team) to deliver the required outcome is essential. What is effective leadership? For […]

5 Ways To Deal With Irrational Project Stakeholders

“Understanding that people are irrational has made my life a lot better.” – Scott Adams, the creative genius behind Dilbert In the world of managing projects, I have found this to be especially true when it comes to irrational project stakeholders. As project managers we are expected to build productive relationships with all stakeholders, in all […]

#1 Workplace Skill: Communication Skills

Communication Skills: A Modern Art Communication skills in the workplace are about much more than sending emails and talking over PowerPoint slides. It’s about communicating information in a way that engages the heart and mind of your listeners. Telling a compelling story about the situation is crucial to achieving that all important engagement. As project managers our customers […]